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American Diabetes Association Diet

American Diabetes Association is an organization that helps the diabetes patients to fight against the never ending situation of diabetes effectively. Diabetes is a medical condition which does not have any permanent solution but by eating well balanced diet and doing regular exercise one can easily manage diabetes. A diabetic patient can eat the food of his own choice by making a few changes in his life style and food habits. Diabetes patients can regulate their blood sugar level by eating frequent small meal instead of eating large meals at longer intervals of time. The diet recommended by American Diabetes Association is a combination of four major food groups that include -

Fruits and Vegetables
Whole grain foods
Milk products that are low in fat content and
Foods that are rich in proteins

Fruits and Vegetables - Fruits and vegetables that are low in sugar content are very essentials for diabetes patients that help in regulating the level of sugar in the blood. Fruits such as apple, papaya, water melon, Guava, are recommended for diabetes patients. Vegetables that can be eaten by diabetes patients are beans, bitter gourd, carrot, radish etc. Fruits and vegetables are good for health as they provide essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Fruits increase the immunity and help to fight against the diseases. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in fiber. Fiber rich foods are recommended by American Diabetes Association as they help to lower the blood sugar level.

Whole grain foods that are recommended to take by the diabetic patients are bran bread, barley, brown rice, bran biscuits, etc. Whole grain foods are rich in carbohydrates and provide energy to the body cells to perform daily activities. Carbohydrates are the immediate source of energy so diabetic patient should be very careful while taking whole grain foods because their blood sugar level will increase greatly after taking carbohydrates. While taking carbohydrates an exercise work out for half an hour can help to use the energy produced by the carbohydrates immediately and prevent rise of blood glucose level.

Milk products such as yoghurt, low fat milk, and cheese made from low fat milk or skimmed mild would be best for diabetic patients. Milk products are needed to provide essential vitamin D to the bones and the teeth. Diabetic patients should take milk products prepared from low fat milk. Milk helps to provide other essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Most of the dairy products are rich in fats which can increase the blood cholesterol level and danger of developing heart diseases in diabetic patients. Thus, diabetic patients should avoid eating fats to prevent the development of heart disease. Olive oil is good and can be used by diabetic patients.

Foods that are rich in proteins are needed for the growth of body cells. Proteins are called as body building foods. Foods that are rich in proteins and are recommended for diabetic patients are fish, soy beans, etc. Proteins are required for proper growth and development of the muscles. It is very necessary for the diabetic patients to add sufficient amounts of proteins in his/her diet to attain proper growth and strength. Proteins also help to repair the damaged body tissues. During any surgery or injury diabetic patients should increase the intake of proteins to repair the body tissues early.

People with diabetes also restrict the intake of salt in their diet. Excessive intake of salt in the diet increases the risk of developing kidney diseases. Increase intake of salt may increase the risk of developing high blood pressure that puts pressure on the kidneys. Thus, diabetic patients should take low sodium diet and should try to avoid any extra salt in the diet.

It is also recommended to avoid alcohol for the diabetic patients. Alcohol can increase the blood glucose level greatly. Smoking should also be avoided to prevent heart disease complications.

It is essential for the diabetic patients to lose weight to prevent complications of the heart disease. Increased weight or obesity increases the risk of developing heart disease and other organ difficulties. By doing simple exercise one can easily maintain an optimal body weight.

Diabetic patients should eat from all the food groups to attain all the nutrients required by body in sufficient amounts. Eating well balanced diet by including food from all the major food groups mentioned above will help diabetes patient to fight against the diabetes with courage and strength. It is vital for the diabetes patients to eat a well balanced diet to regulate blood sugar level, to maintain proper weight, to avoid the risk of heart diseases. If one has diabetes, he/she can live life happily with diabetes simply by making changes in the life style and eating habits.

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