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Causes and Symptoms of Diabetes

A recent study shows that about 240 million people worldwide are diabetics. In the annual report of 2009, the International Diabetic Federation has predicted that by 2030, diabetes will affect about 435 million people worldwide. This situation is raising many alarms and more details of diabetes and precautions to avoid this disorder are being made available for the common people. If you have to look for the causes and symptoms of diabetes, such details are now just a mouse-click away.

Diabetes is known for its two main types, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. In Type 1, or insulin-dependent diabetes, pancreas fails to produce insulin. This type of diabetes mostly affects juveniles, or starts in childhood or adolescence. Though the exact causes of this type of diabetes are still unknown, it is said that body's own immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in pancreas. As the cells are destroyed, pancreas fails to produce insulin and the subject has to be injected the required amount of insulin.

When we talk about the causes and symptoms of diabetes, Type 1, we can find the factors involved as genetics; viruses like cytomegalovirus, mumps, or coxsackie; early feeding of cow's milk; and respiratory infection or jaundice just after birth.

Looking for the causes and symptoms of diabetes, we can find that the onset of Type 2 diabetes, or the non insulin-dependent diabetes, happens when body tissues develop resistance to insulin. This type mostly affects people of over 40 years. Heredity also plays an important role and could be included as one of the causes. Some studies also suggest that deficiency in magnesium can increase risk of developing this type of diabetes. Some studies also indicate that if you drink two or more sweet drinks daily for one month, you are increasing Type 2 diabetes risk. Grapefruit and orange juice are, however, not included in this list since they have different metabolic effect.

While highlighting the causes and symptoms of diabetes, we can find several symptoms which call for a visit to the doctor. The symptoms include excessive thirst and hunger, sudden weight loss, excessive urination, wounds take more time to heal, blurred vision, headache, fatigue, dry and itchy skin, and repeated infections. The subject may experience all, or some of these symptoms. If you happen to notice such symptoms, do not panic since there could be some other factors too. An early visit to your doctor is what you need at the first place.

Diabetes can lead to severe health risks, even fatal, if not controlled in time. At the same time, if you are on insulin, your blood sugar can go down leading you to hypoglycemia. Unless the patient takes some sugar or sweet drink quickly, the condition can lead to coma or even death. On the other hand, if the sugar level goes too high, you will be in a condition called hyperglycemia which is not that much dangerous like hypoglycemia. Prolonged state of hyperglycemia can make the patient blind, lose the limbs, develop heart or kidney problems, and many more complications can happen. In both of the cases, you should have enough knowledge as how to deal with such a situation in an emergency.

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