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Symptoms of Childhood Diabetes

It is not yet known what causes childhood diabetes and the alarming truth is that the incidence of type 2 diabetes is constantly increasing in children. Genetics might play a part in this disease and factors like physical inactivity and unhealthy diet are increasing the risk of developing it.

The symptoms of childhood diabetes are similar to those of adults. It is the parents' responsibility to identify them and to take the child to the doctor. The earlier diabetes is diagnosed, the better for the child because under adequate treatment he or she will be able to live a normal life. Unfortunately, a lot of parents are not paying attention to the symptoms of childhood diabetes and only reach the doctor's office when the disease is in advanced phases.

Although similar with those of adults, symptoms of childhood diabetes are harder to be noticed. Most parents won't find anything alarming in the fact that their kid is drinking more water or eating more. Symptoms like repeated infection or slow-hearing sores might be considered specific to the child's age, as well as irritability. When it comes to blurred vision or tingling in hands or feet, the child might not tell about them because they come and go and are not very disturbing.

Symptoms of childhood diabetes also include headaches, tummy pains and behavioral problems that are not found in diabetic adults. The tummy pains are not usually associated with diabetes in children, but when the child has a history of repeated tummy pains for several weeks, any doctor should recommend testing for diabetes.

It is very important that parents identify as early as possible the symptoms of childhood diabetes. Treatment for keeping the blood sugar under control needs to be started immediately; otherwise the entire life of the child might be affected. Parents should also pay attention to the fact that they will probable not notice all the symptoms of childhood diabetes in the same time. They onset gradually and the first visible symptom is the increased thirst and the frequent urination. If such a serious medical condition in children remains untreated it can lead to unpleasant consequences and a more difficult treatment might be needed.

If parents aren't sure about the symptoms of childhood diabetes, they can take their children to be tested. It's a simple blood test that tells if the level of blood sugar is normal or not, but having it done can make a significant difference in the child's life.

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