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Cooking Tips for Diabetes

Diabetes people can control their blood sugar level by following simple cooking tips. Cooking tips for diabetes help diabetic patients to eat balanced diet with essential nutrients. Diabetes is a disease that occurs due to inability of our body to produce sufficient insulin to metabolize the food that we eat. Normally the food we eat is converted within our body into a form of sugar called glucose. Glucose level increases in the blood which stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin that regulates the blood glucose level and helps in utilizing and storing glucose in our body.

Diabetes can be controlled through effective management of the balance of sugar and insulin, to enable your body to function well. Management of diabetes involves attention to diet, exercise, medications in the form of injections and pills. The diet plan helps a diabetic patient to control the intake of food as well as weight.

As soon as one discovers that he or she is suffering from diabetes it is important that they should immediately begin a program to control the disease. The aim of the treatment should be to control the blood sugar level and to prevent symptoms. Your physician and nutritionists will decide a meal plan for you and will also give you some cooking tips that help to reduce the fat and salt intake in your diet.

Diet does not necessarily mean eating less, it means planning your meals so that you get the right nutrients that your body requires at the proper time to maintain an ideal weight. Your diet can help to lose weight and improve the action of insulin. At the same time diet can also help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Proper diet also calls for increasing fiber intake in your diet which also helps in controlling blood glucose level.

Dietary fiber is essential for normal functioning of the digestive tract. Fiber helps to retain water in the intestine and adds bulk to stools, softens them and regulates the time it takes for food waste to move out of the body. The addition of fiber in the meal of a diabetes patient in the form of wheat bran or whole grain foods, for example, slows the movement of the food through the body system and decreases the after-meal blood glucose levels and may lower the cholesterol level in the blood. A typical high fiber diet may contain two to three times as much fiber as a normal diet. Whole grains, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables are all good sources of dietary fiber, especially the legumes, such as beans, lentils and peas.

When cooking fish or meat for diabetic patients one should keep in mind not to put too much oil. It is better to fry the fish or meat. It helps to reduce the fat intake and reduces the risk of vascular diseases and heart complications. Low intake of cooking oil also helps to maintain the ideal weight. If oil is used in any food preparation it should be heated deeply before putting any vegetables or meat or fish in the pan. It is found that most of the diabetic patients are prone to high blood pressure, so salt intake should be minimum for diabetic patients. Thus while cooking foods for the diabetic patients low sodium should be used which will help to control high blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels.

Foods high in simple carbohydrates such as sugar, candy, and soft drinks may be used in minimal ways if prescribed by your dietician. It is important to read the labels when your go for shopping for food for diabetics. You should be aware of not only the presence but also the amounts of sugar and calories. The fact that a label says a product is dietetic does not mean you can as much as you want. Learn to find sugars on the labels. It may be listed several times under several names. Buy unprocessed foods that you can prepare at home. It will help to control the nutrients for your body and choose best for yourself to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Losing weight can be easy, taking in fewer calories. It is easy to say but difficult to practice. Many people's habits are deeply ingrained, it seems impossible for them to change. But one can change his/her eating habits, especially when doing so means controlling the disease.

Fat and cholesterol consumption is the main cause of heart disease in diabetes patients. Persons whose cholesterol level is too high should avoid saturated fats such as butter and bacon. The unsaturated fats are obtained from vegetables so they are liquid at room temperature and do not produce any adverse health effects when eaten in moderation. So, you can keep your blood sugar level under control by keeping some important tips in your mind while choosing your diet.

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