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Diabetes and Exercise

Those who are suffering from diabetes do not need further information on this disorder since it has almost reached to an epidemic proportion, and there is no scarcity of details about diabetes now. We should, however, never forget the seriousness of the situation that many people remain unaware of the fact that they are already suffering from this disorder, even for years in some cases. When the symptoms become much obvious, they are told that they are diabetic. Sometimes the damage, they unknowingly get due to the long presence of diabetes, becomes very serious since the disorder had not been controlled in time.

Due to pancreas' disorder, when our body fails to produce the required amount of a hormone called insulin, or can't use insulin properly, our body cannot change the food we eat into glucose. Glucose enters all the cells of our body and used as energy. When this process gets damaged, sugar builds up in our blood instead of moving into the cells. This leads us to fatal health problems where vital organs of the body (heart, kidney, etc) get affected badly. Such a condition is called diabetes. There are two major types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. Type 2 diabetes is the commonest one. In Type 1, the body doesn't produce any amount of insulin; whereas in Type 2, either our body fails to produce enough insulin or the cells become indifferent to insulin.

It is said so far that diabetes is not completely curable or reversible. Though some herbal and other medical preparations claim so, the regular drugs effectively help control the symptoms of diabetes. Diabetes is a disorder which can be controlled through three different ways - medication, proper diet, and exercise. When we exercise, our body weight remains in control and the blood sugar level also lowers.

Exercise is very helpful for diabetic patients. It not only keeps your weight checked, it lowers the risk of heart disease which is common in diabetics. Exercise also helps you fight and overcome many symptoms which are associated with diabetes. You can feel much better and the overall health condition improves. Apart from various health benefits you can get through regular and proper exercise, exercise is one of the main causes that help a diabetic patient.

As with any other such things, you have to select the right and proper exercise routine which your doctor can advice according to your individual health condition and symptoms. Aerobic exercise is recommended usually, which makes your heart work harder as you breathe deeply and correctly. Walking, aerobic dance, bicycling, jogging, etc are the common forms of exercise a doctor advises to patients. Those diabetics, who also suffer from some problems in their feet or legs, are usually advised to do rowing, chair exercise, swimming, etc.

Any exercise routine has to be started and increased gradually. Warming up before the start and cooling down at the end of exercise, is a must. Stretching also has to be introduced. These steps will certainly help you get the best out of the exercise routine and save you from any potential injury. Depending on your physical and other conditions, your doctor can advice you as how to do and what to do. You should remember the fact that exercise is an essential part of your drive to control diabetes, and that all such physical activities should be done only after getting an expert's advice. Exercise involves many precautions that you have to take seriously.

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