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Diabetes Complications

Diabetes is a condition which is related with a serious disease where the level of blood sugar goes higher than the normal. Sometimes this serious condition may lead to severe complications like kidney disease and blindness. Diabetes is related with the chronic disease in which the level of insulin in the body is lower than the normal which results into higher sugar levels in the body.

Diabetes may result into serious health problems like kidney ailments, blindness and heart disease. Among the adults type2 diabetes is more prevalent. Another major form of the diabetes is the gestational diabetes which occurs during the period of pregnancy.

Broadly the complication of the diabetes can be classified as microvascular or macrovascular disease. The microvascular complications are related with the problem of neuropathy (nerve damage), nephropathy (kidney disease) and also vision disorders (retinopathy, glaucoma, cataract and corneal disease). The macrovascular complications include stroke and peripheral vascular and also heart disease. Some other types of complications due to diabetes are impotence, metabolic difficulties, infections, autonomic neuropathy and the problems due to pregnancy.

Some of the major complications which are caused due to diabetes -

Nephropathy is one of the major problems caused due to diabetes which is uncontrolled. The level of the sugar in the blood tends to remain high if the disease is kept uncontrolled. If the level of the blood glucose continues to remain high for a longer period then gradually it starts to damage the kidneys. This condition is very common among the patient who is also the patient of hypertension along with uncontrolled diabetes. If the patient is having family history of the kidney diseases in the family then extra care is to be required to keep the blood sugar under control.

This problem cannot be diagnosed at early stage. Even the symptoms in the patient are felt after the kidney starts to damage. One of the major indicators of this disease is a consistent presence of protein in the protein.

1. The other complication of the diabetes includes ketoacidosis. Usually the ketoacidosis is higher among the patient who is suffering from type1 diabetes. In this abnormal condition there is a release of ketone that is a toxic acid. If this problem is left untreated for a longer period then this condition may result into even the death of the patients also.

2. Chronic patients of diabetes result into the damage of the blood vessels in the retina of an eye of the patient. The retina is very delicate and adversely gets affected due to increase in the level of blood sugar that too for longer period.

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