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Diabetes Diet to Control Blood Sugar

Diabetes is not a single entity but it is a group of conditions which is characterized by increased level of sugar in the blood. Diabetes can be controlled by eating suitable diet. Effective diet can help to manage or control blood sugar. Diabetic patients must learn to regulate their diet to control blood sugar. Choice of right food for diabetic patients is must to control blood sugar. By eating right food a diabetic patient can control his/her blood sugar easily. It is recommended that a diabetic patient should eat a balanced diet which can also help to control blood sugar.

Different foods that are suitable to control blood sugar are as follows -

Fruits - Diabetic patients should eat right fruits to get suitable quantity of vitamins and minerals as well as to control blood sugar. Right fruits that are recommended for diabetic patients include apple, syzygium jambolinum, orange, papaya and guava. All these fruits contain less amount of natural sugar and are suitable for diabetic patients to control blood sugar. These fruits also help to boost the immunity of the diabetic patients. Syzygium jambolinum is also used in making many natural medicines for the diabetic patients. Seeds of this fruit are used for making medicines. The seeds are dry, then these are grinded into powder and if one tea spoon of this powder is taken every day in the morning it effectively helps to control blood sugar.

Vegetables - Important vegetables that are recommended for diabetic patients include bitter gourd, garlic, onion, bottle gourd, soybeans, broccoli, Bengal gram etc. All the pulses in suitable amount are also recommended for diabetic patients. Soya beans are rich in proteins and help to boost up the immunity of the diabetic patients. They help to boost up the energy level and provide strength to the muscles. Fish is also rich in proteins and can be eaten by non-vegetarian diabetic patients to include proteins in their diet.

Fat containing meat should be avoided. Salad forms an important part of diabetic patient's diet. Broccoli, cucumber, onion can be eaten as salad. These add fiber to the diet and help to prevent constipation. Some doctors recommend drinking half glass of bitter gourd juice to control blood glucose. Rice should be avoided as they are rich in carbohydrates. Diabetic patients should eat one piece of garlic daily in the morning. It helps to lower down the blood pressure as well as to control blood cholesterol level.

Milk and curd - Curd forms an important part of the diabetes diet for diabetic patients. Curd helps to cleanse the system. It prevents the growth of bacteria in the digestive system and thus prevents any infection of the digestive tract as well as the genital areas. Diabetic patients are more prone to infections, but regular intake of milk in the diet helps to control blood glucose we well infections in the diabetic patients. Milk is also needed by diabetic patients for healthy bones and teeth.

Water - It is recommended that diabetic patients should drink 10-12 glasses of water to flush out the extra chemicals from the body and to maintain the acid base balance. Water helps to cleanse the body system of unnecessary waste from the kidneys.

Other drinks - Other drinks which can effectively help to control blood glucose in diabetic patients include lemon water without sugar and with little salt, lassi, soup, etc. Lemon juice is quite effective in preventing any respiratory diseases as it is rich in vitamin C. it also helps to build the strong immunity. Similarly vitamin A is effective for controlling skin infections. Excessive tea and coffee should be avoided. Excessive tea or coffee can produce hydrochloric acid in the stomach which can in turn increase the risk of developing ulcers. Alcohol is restricted in large quantities. Patient with diabetes should take low calorie, drink which should be free from extra added sugars.

Fried foods should be avoided. Chocolates, cakes, sweet things are also strictly prohibited for the diabetic patients. If a diabetic patient feels hungry in between the meals he can eat fresh fruits instead of eating any kind of junk food. Diabetic patients are at increased risk of developing heart diseases. So it is better to control blood sugar to prevent any heart complications.

Diabetes is a unique disease that requires lifelong patient's involvement in every aspect of their own management and is frequently a joint learning experience for the individual, family and doctors. Recent studies indicate that more vegetables, legumes, vegetable oils and nuts should be included as a part of diet for the diabetic patients. Choice of right foods can help to control blood sugar effectively and easily. It could also help to build the immunity and live healthy life. Every person with diabetes should try to control blood sugar by following a regulated diabetes diet.

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