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Diabetes Mellitus Treatment

Diabetes mellitus can lead to life-threatening diseases if not managed seriously. Studies show that over 16 million Americans are suffering from this disorder, while millions more do not get aware of this disorder until it establishes permanently. Diabetes is considered one of the main life-threatening disorders of our modern times as countless deaths are being related to diseases associated with this problem. Unless a serious approach is made to avoid and control diabetes, the figures are sure to increase day by day.

Human body produces a hormone, insulin, which converts sugar, starches, and other food into energy. Due to the metabolic disorder of the pancreas, our body fails to produce or use properly this hormone, leading to increased blood glucose level. When the blood sugar levels remains constantly high, we are diagnosed as having diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes mellitus, if not managed or controlled seriously, can lead to fatal diseases like kidney failure, cardiovascular problems, and neuropathy. Diabetics are four times more likely to have heart diseases. This disorder is not completely curable so far; however, we can control its symptoms effectively. Unless you have all the information of this dangerous disorder, you cannot manage it properly. Controlling diabetes solely depends on the patient who has to take care of the diet seriously, continue the prescribed medication and do the required exercise regularly.

If we start to have symptoms like slightly blurred vision, irritability, need to urinate excessively, unquenchable thirst, unexplained weight loss, extreme hunger, sudden vision changes, numbness in hands or feet, etc, we must take them seriously. We should not forget the fact that signs and symptoms might vary from person to person. It is not necessary that we experience all the symptoms associated with diabetes. The best thing we should do is to seek medical advice.

Approaching a doctor could solve us many health related problems. On the other hand, untreated diabetes usually leads to severe health risks, such as blindness or other eye disease, complete renal failure, stroke, incurable foot infections which may lead to amputation, macular edema and erectile dysfunction, infections of female genital tract, urinary tract infection, high blood pressure, nerve damage, etc.

When we take a closer look on this disease, we find that it is categorized into two major forms, Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 usually affects children, teenagers and young adults. Type 1 is insulin-dependent diabetes since the pancreas fails to produce the required amount of insulin. The adult-onset diabetes is the Type 2 diabetes mellitus. It is non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Obesity and family history are the major risk factors in leading to cause Type 2 diabetes.

Managing diabetes mellitus seriously is very much essential. You should have regular health checkups, eat healthy diet, do exercise regularly, live an active life, and stay away from smoking and drinking alcohol. Remember, this disease is not curable, it is controllable, and controlling it is solely in your own hands. Never forget the serious health risks it can lead to, if not managed seriously. More importantly, follow the rule 'prevention is better than cure', and try to avoid those things which increase the risk of causing diabetes.

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