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Diabetes Risk Factors

Diabetes is a condition in which if the level of blood glucose is not maintained properly then it will affect many systems of our body. So the factors causing the diabetes must be prevented to avoid the occurrence of the this disease. There are many factors which causes diabetes. The risk of diabetes is high if someone is having family history of diabetes, low physical activity, obese and also bad food habits. Some of the important risk factors which causes diabetes -

1. Low physical activities also cause diabetes. If there is very low or no physical activity then glucose or sugar which is consumed cannot be fully burnt and thus result into the increased level of blood sugar.

2. Hereditary or genetic factors are also responsible for causing diabetes. If mother is diabetic then the chances to get diabetic is little less than if some one's father is diabetic. There are more chances of getting diabetic if father is having this disease. But if both mother and father are diabetic then the chances of getting diabetic is much more.

3. Improper food habits also results into the problem of diabetes. If anyone consumes more than required amount of glucose or fat then it will lead into high level of blood glucose. When the consumption of glucose is much higher than which is required then it will force to secret more insulin to normalize the level of blood glucose and when the pancreas is not available to secret more insulin then it will result into diabetes.

4. Age especially after40-45 years is one of the important factor to cause diabetes. Usually after this age each and every organ of the body start losing its ability and pancreas is also one of the organs so the purpose of insulin secretion is not maintained properly by the pancreas.

5. Overweight or obesity or even large size waist relates to the excess storage of fat there. According to many studies excess storage of fat may be one of the contributing factors for insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes).

6. During pregnancy some women may suffer from gestational diabetes. In this condition both mother and the child are at risk of having diabetes.

7. Sometimes some person is having higher blood glucose than normal but not as high to be diagnose. It can be reversible by some conditions like change in life style etc.

8. Certain factors are also responsible to contribute to the factor of diabetes like certain country, region, food habits, climate, community and also lifestyle.

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