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Diabetic Neuropathy Symptoms and Treatment

Diabetic Neuropathy is a nerve disorder and creates many complications for diabetes. Diabetes form different types of nerve damages. The progressive degeneration of nerve in the arms and legs tend to be affected first and severely. The affected areas can be toes and feet. Since the nerve damages become worsen, the symptoms can be seen in legs and in the hands.

The Symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy can be found in different types of Diabetic Neuropathy. We could see doctors define Neuropathy in different segments. These are Peripheral Neuropathy, and Mononeuropathy.

Peripheral polyneuropathy affects nerves. These nerves transmit sensation, control muscle movement, and control bodily functions. The symptoms of this type starts in the feet and spread up the legs. The hands become affected first and it is followed by face in severe cases. Peripheral Neuropathy affects both sides of the body. The most common symptoms of this are coordination and balance loss, extremely sensitive and touchy in light, numbness or insensitivity to pain or to temperature. It is tingling, burning or prickling. The symptoms also include sharp pains, cramps, muscles atrophy. It does not heal wounds and infects easily.

Therefore, the symptoms of autonomic nerve dysfunction covers erectile or dysfunctions, loss of bladder or bowel control, loss of bladder or controlling bowel, abnormal sweating, intolerance in changing temperature, controlling of abnormal blood pressure, and in stand up mood causing lightheadedness. To digest food, it creates trouble.

Mononeuropathy or Multiplex Neuropathy can be isolated from Peripheral Neuropathy. It involves the distribution of only one or few nerves. It affects specific nerves and occurs occasionally. The symptoms can be double vision, back eye aching, inability of focusing eye, front thigh pain, one sided face paralysis, hearing problems, severe pain in pelvis or lower back and chest or abdominal pain sometimes mistaken for angina, heart attack or appendicitis. The older people who have mild diabetes fall in Mononeuropathy. It is very painful and tending to develop naturally for a period without causing long term damage.

The Treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy is somehow less or no well-established treatment to cure the disease. However, patients who have excellent sugar control can develop the stages of the disease, it indicates the primary duty is to control sugar so far it is possible. The patients who suffer from Neuropathy are to follow program, which contains prevention of complications and the controlling of symptoms. The sensation failure or loss in the feet can lead to injury and infection. The affected patients should concentrate on foot hygiene and must consult with a podiatrist.

If patients cannot walk for balancing problem or weakness, they can take physical therapy or have assistive device or bracing.

The most distressful symptom of neuropathy is pain. Agents are treating epilepsy, depression and other types of pain. Some proven medications have developed recently to treat pain, associated with diabetic neuropathy. Other medications and therapies are available to treat abnormal blood pressure control, digestion disorders and dysfunction.

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