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Type 1 Diabetes Insulin Treatment and Herbal Remedies

Diabetes is not a dangerous disorder itself, it could, however, lead to severe health risks if not managed seriously and in time. It is also said that diabetes stays with us for the rest of our life. Just like a life-partner, if you neglect it, you would have to face the grave consequences. It would let you live almost a normal life if you take proper care of it.

Due to the ever growing number of people being diagnosed as diabetic, the concerned authorities are doing their best to educate people what to do to avoid this life-threatening disorder, and how to manage it when you have it.

Among the two major types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2, type 2 affects us mostly, especially when we cross 40. Type 1 is also called juvenile onset diabetes since it attacks mostly the younger people. It usually occurs around the age of 12 or 13. Since Type 1 produces no insulin, it is considered as the most severe form of diabetes.

Pancreas produces insulin, a hormone, in our body which is responsible for helping the body use glucose which is stored as energy. When the relevant cells fails to use glucose, fat is burned for energy and, as a result, ketones build up in the blood. Treating type 1 diabetes on time is very much essential since Ketones' higher levels in the blood can result in death.

Treating type 1 diabetes basically involves giving the patient insulin to manage blood sugar levels. Insulin has to be injected since the patient's body makes no insulin. What type of insulin should be given - rapid acting, intermediate acting, or long acting - depends on how the doctor prescribes according to ones individual conditions. Usually a combination of insulin types is advised.

Treating type 1 diabetes by insulin requires a syringe or an insulin pen (looks like an ink pen) filled with insulin. Some also go for insulin pump, a small cell phone like device connected to a tube which delivers insulin to cells via a catheter inserted under the skin, in the abdominal area. The intake of carbohydrates has to be controlled to determine the amount of insulin needed.

Treating type 1 diabetes also include counting carbohydrates, consuming low-sugar foods, restrict fat and cholesterol intake, and doing exercise regularly. Certain precautionary medications to control blood pressure and cholesterol levels are also given to avoid any potential risks to heart.

While treating type 1 diabetes, you also have to look for the natural or home remedies, as alternative measures, which usually prove very helpful. You can find many such natural preparations, or herbs and veggies, which are proving their worth in controlling the symptoms, effectively and safely. You should, however, be careful to start such an alternative mean. This should be done only when you get control of the disorder. While you continue your normal treatment, start some well known herbal preparation. Do this also under strict advice of the concerned experts. You may soon find the encouraging results and, based on them, you may take appropriate steps.

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