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Wholesale Supplier and Exporter of Diabetes Herbal Supplements

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We are looking for Distributors / Resellers in United States of America, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland and Australia.

Become a whole seller or distributor for Diabetes-Natural-Treatment.com

Worldwide DistributorsWe are searching for distributors and whole sellers for our herbal products worldwide. If you are looking to become part of the growing multibillion dollar health and beauty industry you have come to right place. Elite Herbals is a global leader in the distribution of herbal and dietary supplements as well as health products.

Wholesale Program - this is for doctors, re sellers, distributors, retail outlets, dispensers and other who purchase products in bulk and who then directly sell those to customers.

Our wholesale program allows clients to purchase our products in bulk at low wholesale pricing. We have a 100 unit minimum order and allow you to mix and match any of our products to meet the minimum. Our bulk prices combined with our high demand products give our clients great business opportunities and extremely high profit margins. We ship our products in bulk anywhere in the world.

If you would like to sell Diabkil - Anti Diabetic Herbal Supplement through your retail outlets, then please contact us today.

Send Product Enquiry at contact@diabetes-natural-treatment.com

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